General Information

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are an emerging topic worldwide encompassing the next generation of engineered systems. They are the major enabler for smart wearable devices, smart homes, smart cities, Factory of the Future, E-Health  and overall the Industry 4.0.

Cyber-Physical Systems are intended to connect the physical world by sensing the environment to the virtual world  of data analysis and processing.

This year, the CPS Summer School is strongly supported by European Network COST Wireless Power Transmission for Sustainable Electronics (WIPE) which provide an important number of grants for trainees.
The summer school will focus on inter-disciplinary subjects covering the development of CPS with a special focus on Factory of the Future (Opening Keynote by Airbus).

It will address the main areas of CPS:

  • smart sensors,
  • communication and networking,
  • energy harvesting and energy management
  • security  
  • data mining

All topics will be addressed through lecturers and practical demonstrations, given by internationally  recognized researchers. Use cases will be presented by researchers and industry experts.

A CPS industry exhibition is organized on Tuesday afternoon.

Targeted participants are  Ph.D. and Master students, engineers and researchers worldwide. The attendees have the opportunity (not compulsory) to present their research work during the “CPS in Action” session (5 min pitch demo or video). The Ph.D students can also present a poster of their work. Awards for Ph.D posters and CPS in action will be given at the end of the school.

Two social events will be organized to network with the fellows in the CPS field and enjoy the wonderful city of Cambridge.

For European PhD students, a one week course may be eligible for 2 ECTS credits, provided by the university and/or PhD advisor.

Around 15 grants for trainees (Ph. D students and students) will be provided by the European action IC1301 COST WiPE (http://www.cost-ic1301.org/). Please contact Dr. Alex Takacs (atakacs@laas.fr) if you intend to apply for such a grant.

Contact: contact_cps2017 at laas.fr

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